Marching towards zero waste

Have you wondered how restaurants and cafes would tackle their surplus food availability? When I come across bakeries where all the breads get sold up near the closing time, it gives me immense satisfaction as a customer. But in reality, this is not the case all the time. The consumption patterns vary and we cannot safely assume that all the baked/cooked food would be sold at the end of the day.

Hotels and food waste: What happens to breakfast buffet leftovers

It is said that an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year, one third of all food produced for human consumption, according to the FAO of the United nations.

Food waste är allas ansvar | Air Liquide - Sverige - Blog
One third of the world’s edible food is wasted every year – and that’s set to grow as the global population does.

As I had this thought about solutions for food waste in my mind, I came across an app that helps in this mission. Too good to go (TGTG) is a Copenhagen based company that not only helps to tackle the food wastage issue, but at the same time, be a connecting point to support the local business with their surplus food available with them. The local restaurants, bakeries, cafes, groceries stores etc are connected via this app.

Costa Coffee expands partnership with Too Good To Go to tackle food waste  in Exeter | The Exeter Daily
The surprising element is that we do not know what food we would be getting when we make an order. Thus, it is called a magic bag.

Interestingly, I also came across another food waste app based out of Sweden, called Karma which is similar to TGTG app. One fascinating feature of this app is that you would get a personalized profile with data related to the number of kgs and items you have rescued so far. It also motivates us to win a batch and be consistent in this zero wastage mission.

Both the apps provide us choices with dietary preferences and the ordering goes like this:
– Check what’s available in the store for you based on your location
– Pay it through the app in advance
– Collect the food at the prescribed time slot allotted

One major difference between TGTG and Karma app is that, the former offers us a bag filled with surplus foods (magic box) and the latter is the individual food items that we select and buy (there are no mystery/magic boxes).

Få 80 kr att handla för i appen Karma! - Gratisprinsessan
Ordering food through Karma app

Both the apps are exciting and provide an interesting dimension which complement and help in reducing the food wastage. Personally, I felt like a rescue warrior while using these apps with an added joy of getting quality food at an affordable price. I believe that this is a personal win-win solution to the customer, the local business and the planet!

Have you used the above apps or come across any other food waste solution apps? Would be great to hear from other (potential) rescue warriors.

Wild Wild documentary

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The Netflix documentary on Osho named “Wild wild country” can’t be a better title. As we travel through each episode, it unveils every aspect of the story beautifully.

It was truly intriguing to watch how every character that was a part of this story had built/destroyed what Osho’s vision was. The best part of the documentary was undoubtedly the storytelling! And as it progresses, you end up thinking ‘It can’t get this real’.

When Osho and his followers moved to Oregon from India, the people of the town seem to hate them for being free, different and practicing a weird religion/cult which they have not heard of. ‘The fear of unknown‘ and ‘Acceptance by the society’ were the two major factors that flipped the Oregon chapter completely. Wondering if this story would really have a crime side to it, if Rajneeshee’s were accepted for the way they were!

Every spiritual movement have used different means to attract followers, and Osho was no exception to it. The intent was to lead people to a universal spirituality, rooted in an affirmation of life which was based on science rather than belief system and dogma.

His practices were truly far ahead of time. The only crime this rebellious master would have committed was to ‘awaken’ the individuals from the agonizing religious beliefs!


Stumbling through rocky unclear path,

he tries to interpret his destiny.

Being used to a lot of tunnels,

hoping for a ray of light,

he is tired of fixing things

and giving up seems liberating!

Is this all a part of his uncertain journey?

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Blissfully dangerous

Oh, the sweet sound of water,

You melt my heart like a snow!

How gifted you are to be free-flowing,

Travelling your own mysterious path,

Going beyond obstacles by being playful and wild,

You are indeed Blissfully dangerous! 😍💧🌬️🌅🏞️

S’he’ – It matters

Happy Women’s day to everyone including the supportive and lovable men in our lives. Well, this isn’t a women’s day post precisely.

Our society has always made all of us think that men don’t have emotions. We, women, have a constant battle to be fought against misogyny, chauvinism, stereotyping society etc. But men life’s too is not a ’cakewalk’.

I pretty much sum that up in majorly two issues:

Men & emotions: Men have been brought up with the idea that showing emotions in any way is a symbol of weakness. (Did we know: Men and women understand & process their emotions differently, but they both feel about a certain emotion quite similarly!)

Men & being expressive: We always associate expressiveness with women. Men are expected to be physically & mentally strong. They are supposed to bear stress silently by not sharing or expressing it outside.

But yes, we can’t put all of them in a box & label them as emotionless and inexpressive. We have come across a lot of men who are completely contradicting to the so-called societal branding. Honestly, everyone has their own way to express what they feel. There is nothing to do with gender here.

Having said that all, is it not stereotyping of how a man should behave?  Unfair isn’t it. We have been constantly taught that Masculinity is for men and Femininity for women. If caring, being helpful, Gentle, Innocent, being relationship-centric are feminine characteristics, well I know quite some who possess it all.
Masculinity & Femininity is again a gender-based stereotype done for convenience. Frankly, every human has a mix of both traits & must integrate both of these parts in them for their psychological well being.

To all men out there: “Nurture your feminine side too” 🙂

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