Dark winters

Embrace the dark is the first thing I heard when I moved to Sweden.
Having been living all my life in a tropical climate, this was something new to me.

Image source : My photography

Making the home lit with nice scented candles, lights all winters, getting active with a sport, spending time with friends was how I learned to spend my winters.

The winter this time is unusually dark and gloomy with no trace of sunlight throughout the day.
With the pandemic becoming worse day by day, this prolonged darkness is of no help 😑
Our mental health has gone for a toss! 🙆🏻

Image source : Movie ‘The Shining’

The only savior from these dark and depressing times is a glass of warm glögg with some crunchy almonds and raisins! Ah, bliss! 😌🍷

Image source: The Local sweden

Published by Aishwarya Bhargav

I would like to remind myself that I am a guest in this world. The purpose of my existence is to observe things around me without getting affected by them and moving on.

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