Wild Wild documentary

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The Netflix documentary on Osho named “Wild wild country” can’t be a better title. As we travel through each episode, it unveils every aspect of the story beautifully.

It was truly intriguing to watch how every character that was a part of this story had built/destroyed what Osho’s vision was. The best part of the documentary was undoubtedly the storytelling! And as it progresses, you end up thinking ‘It can’t get this real’.

When Osho and his followers moved to Oregon from India, the people of the town seem to hate them for being free, different and practicing a weird religion/cult which they have not heard of. ‘The fear of unknown‘ and ‘Acceptance by the society’ were the two major factors that flipped the Oregon chapter completely. Wondering if this story would really have a crime side to it, if Rajneeshee’s were accepted for the way they were!

Every spiritual movement have used different means to attract followers, and Osho was no exception to it. The intent was to lead people to a universal spirituality, rooted in an affirmation of life which was based on science rather than belief system and dogma.

His practices were truly far ahead of time. The only crime this rebellious master would have committed was to ‘awaken’ the individuals from the agonizing religious beliefs!

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