S’he’ – It matters

Happy Women’s day to everyone including the supportive and lovable men in our lives. Well, this isn’t a women’s day post precisely.

Our society has always made all of us think that men don’t have emotions. We, women, have a constant battle to be fought against misogyny, chauvinism, stereotyping society etc. But men life’s too is not a ’cakewalk’.

I pretty much sum that up in majorly two issues:

Men & emotions: Men have been brought up with the idea that showing emotions in any way is a symbol of weakness. (Did we know: Men and women understand & process their emotions differently, but they both feel about a certain emotion quite similarly!)

Men & being expressive: We always associate expressiveness with women. Men are expected to be physically & mentally strong. They are supposed to bear stress silently by not sharing or expressing it outside.

But yes, we can’t put all of them in a box & label them as emotionless and inexpressive. We have come across a lot of men who are completely contradicting to the so-called societal branding. Honestly, everyone has their own way to express what they feel. There is nothing to do with gender here.

Having said that all, is it not stereotyping of how a man should behave?  Unfair isn’t it. We have been constantly taught that Masculinity is for men and Femininity for women. If caring, being helpful, Gentle, Innocent, being relationship-centric are feminine characteristics, well I know quite some who possess it all.
Masculinity & Femininity is again a gender-based stereotype done for convenience. Frankly, every human has a mix of both traits & must integrate both of these parts in them for their psychological well being.

To all men out there: “Nurture your feminine side too” 🙂

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