Beauty salons

Beauty Industry as such is always overrated, be it Products/Salons. We all humans at some point of the time end up in a Salon, even if we wish we don’t want to – Social norms you see!


Salons somehow make us believe that we are the ugliest beasts alive and that they can turn us into beauties if we agree to go for whatsoever they are selling to us.  😐

Accept it or not, they have made their fortunes by targeting our Confusions and Insecurities. The worst part, yeah you guessed it right “We are falling for it”.  🙄

One day I went for an eyebrow trimming after ages.
And the lady who was attending me was like “Do you want a haircut too?”.
I was like, “no thanks”.
And she goes on “Ma’am, are you applying oil for your hair?”
I was wondering, what else do we apply and replied: “Yeah I do” 😯
And she came up with a strategy “Oh now I get it, this is why your hair looks frizzy and dry. It may break anytime and you would have a severe hair loss. Let me help you with this situation. We have a hair spa treatment – A complete hair care treatment “and she goes on. 🙄😓

You don’t have any option other than to listen to them. 🤐  The moment you try to justify why you don’t want one, they are going to take up an hours’ time to convince you. *Warning* ❗


Being dark is their fortune too. Be it a beauty product/salons, their sole aim to make us pity ourselves for being dark and eventually fall for their treatment/facial creams.  😳
Until being dark is a taboo, their business will thrive! 😒


These salons are pretty good at advertising and selling their service without even a marketing degree. Pretty good eh?  😕 🤓 On the other hand, it all comes down to earning their piece of bread. 🤑 It is we who need to consciously make our choices to what we really want for us and not fall into the trap. Peace ☮ ✌

Published by Aishwarya Bhargav

I would like to remind myself that I am a guest in this world. The purpose of my existence is to observe things around me without getting affected by them and moving on.

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