Breaking the taboo like a boss

It is a sad known fact that widows are treated as neglected ‘Humans’ of the society. They  are debarred from involving in auspicious functions & religious festivals since ages! They are even thrown out of their houses since there is a superstition of them bringing bad luck. Their restrictions on legal rights, remarriage , economic problems knew no bounds.

Though situations have changed over centuries to a certain extent, there is still a major gap. Thank god, child marriages were forbidden by law in early 20th centuries. God saved children!!

Widows in India no longer throw themselves on funeral pyre, but life for them, is much more harder than that. Ironically, a widowed women requires much more care and affection than before for the reasons known!

It is high time for “Humanity” to dominate over “Patriarchy” in the society. Yeah, Dominate! Smash – Patriarchy ; Spread – Love.

And here is a beautiful picture of “Women” celebrating Holi , for the first time. A wishful sight indeed!
Aren’t they breaking the taboo like a boss?! Wishing for more & more of it!

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