Asset Management (Asset Register, Func Loc, Asset Hierarchy)

Gain complete control over your assets with CODASOL’s Holistic Asset Management service. We empower you to optimize asset utilization, extend asset lifespans, and make data-driven decisions with a comprehensive approach that includes

Asset Register Development and Management

We establish a centralized asset register that provides a detailed inventory of all your assets, including technical data, location information, and maintenance history.

Functional Location (Func Loc) Management

We define a clear and consistent functional location structure within your CMMS, ensuring efficient organization and management of your physical asset locations.

Asset Hierarchy Creation

We establish a hierarchical structure that accurately reflects the relationships between your assets, facilitating easier navigation, reporting, and analysis.

How CODA Does It

Our proven approach ensures all aspects of your asset management are addressed:

Asset Identification and Data Collection

We work with you to identify all your assets and meticulously collect relevant data, including technical specifications, acquisition details, and historical maintenance records.

Asset Register Creation and Population

We develop a user-friendly asset register within your CMMS, populated with accurate and comprehensive asset data. This register serves as a central hub for all asset information.

Functional Location Mapping

We define a structured and logical functional location hierarchy within your CMMS, ensuring each asset is clearly categorized based on its physical location and function.

Asset Hierarchy Development

We establish a hierarchical structure that reflects the relationships between your assets. This may involve grouping assets by department, location, function, or system.

Key Focus Areas

CMMS configuration and data management

Asset identification and data collection

Asset hierarchy creation

Work order management and reporting

Functional location (Func Loc) management

Asset lifecycle management

Asset register development and management


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