Vendor, Customer and Pricing Master

Master the language of your materials with CODASOL’s Material Data Cataloguing and Codification service.  We bring order to your material landscape, ensuring clarity, consistency, and control. Our service empowers you to

How CODA Does It

Our comprehensive approach tackles all aspects of master data management for vendors, customers, and pricing:

Data Cleansing and Standardization

We eliminate errors, inconsistencies, and duplicate entries from your existing data. We standardize formats to ensure seamless data exchange and utilization throughout your systems.

Master Data Enrichment

We identify and fill data gaps with comprehensive details, enriching your understanding of your business partners and pricing structures. This may include vendor contact information, customer purchase history, or detailed product pricing rules.

Centralized Data Management

We establish a single source of truth for all vendor, customer, and pricing data within our secure, cloud-based platform. This eliminates siloed information and facilitates easy access for authorized users.

Automated Workflows

We implement automated workflows to streamline data entry, validation, and approval processes, saving you time and minimizing human error.

Key Focus Areas

Vendor master data management

Customer master data management

Pricing data management

Data cleansing and standardization

Data enrichment and completion

Centralized data governance

Automated data workflows

Key Focus Areas

  • Improved data accuracy and consistency across all business partner and pricing information
  • Enhanced visibility into vendor and customer relationships
  • Streamlined procurement and sales processes
  • Optimized pricing strategies and profitability
  • Reduced errors and redundancies in order processing and invoicing
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in managing business partner data
  • Improved decision-making through reliable and insightful data

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