Cleanse and standardize your master data seamlessly

We remove errors, inconsistencies, and duplications from your master data to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We use a variety of techniques to cleanse your data, including data profiling, data verification, data cleansing, data standardization, and data enrichment.

Manage and govern Material, Asset, Service, Customer, and Business partner masters from our CODASOL platform

Our centralized platform provides a single view of your master data, making it easy to manage and govern. We can also help you to comply with global coding standards such as UNSPSC, ISO 14225, GS1 standards, or custom standards of your organization.

Process and manage terabytes of master data in a short time

Our scalable platform can handle even the most complex data sets. We can also help you to integrate our platform with your existing ERP systems to make it easy to share data between systems.

How does CODA do it?

Data profiling

To identify errors and inconsistencies in your data.

Data verification

To validate the accuracy of your data.

Data cleansing

To remove errors from your data.

Data standardization

To ensure that your data is formatted consistently.

Data Enrichment

To add missing or incomplete data to your data.

Benefits/ Improve Your Workflow with the Benefits of Data Cleansing

Accurate and reliable data

Streamlined and automated processes

Improved insights into your business

Real-time visibility of your inventory

Reduced costs and risks

Consistent and up-to-date data

Data-Driven Decision Making

Increased productivity and efficiency

Improved operational performance

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