Clean Air global creative

The growing drive to regulate or phase out fossil fuel usage, and the transition to alternative energy sources, is the single biggest step change since the industrial revolution – and one that must be accomplished against the fast-ticking clock of climate change.


Consequently, most manufacturers in the process industries are required adapt existing, established processes and applications to new regulations or commitments for organisations to reach net zero; while the fast adoption of new energy sources require urgent support as manufacturers attempt to produce and utilise carbon-zero energy sources at scale. These inflection points in twenty-first century manufacturing presents vast new opportunities and challenges.


Servomex, the world leader in gas analysis, has for almost 70 years provided gas analysis sampling systems to a range of processes and allocations including downstream hydrocarbon processing, power generation and industrial gas production. With many industrial processes requiring vastly improved emissions and combustion control, plus innovative new demands for gas monitoring to produce gases such as hydrogen, the time had arrived for Servomex to communicate an offer to the global market that committed to supporting these priorities.



The development of a ‘Clean Air’ product offer, focusing on Servomex’s combined capabilities in the emissions analysis space, both positioning existing solutions to traditional industry verticals undergoing transition to more stringent levels of environment compliance, and to emergent energy technologies where process gas analysis is required to produce fuels.

The opportunity was to require a flexible platform which enables customers to address the here-and-now concerns of customers in 2021, but also allow Servomex to begin positioning itself as a partner for change.



With an opportunity for refreshing and repositioning gas analysis in a different context than commonly established tropes, Coda developed visual and message creative that supported an optimistic, forward-looking view for Servomex solutions.


The visual palette typography took inspiration from innovative industries, particularly clean energy, to give a striking contemporary look. Aqua blues were chosen as the cornerstone palate colour, reflecting purity over pollution, as well as the ideal of embracing new thinking (“blue sky thinking”). The creative showed an engineer looking outwards to the world, rather than inwards to a process – again, an obvious visual nod to the universal concerns that emissions monitoring needs to support and protect.


The campaign message of ‘change is in the air’ theme reflected and acknowledged this time of change, as well as pushing customers to reflect on the need to adapt to future challenges.



The campaign was executed as the principal global campaign for Servomex Industrial Process & Emissions unit, and rolled out to customers throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and India.


Alongside creation of core information, disseminated via website, presentations and website, Coda created a range of expert-driven content for the duration of 2021, launch video, two twenty-page magazines, and a series of curated podcasts, hosted by Servomex product managers. This content has driven both enrolling inbound marketing activities and social media activities, with campaign traffic pointed towards a dedicated landing page and leads then tracked through the website into Servomex’s CRM for qualification.



“Servomex’s Clean Air campaign is a critical change in positioning for Servomex, supporting our long terms business goals and reflecting our aspiration to become a net zero company by 2030. Coda’s execution and delivery of the Clean Air campaign presented us in a new way to customers, driving new opportunities and conversations as our industry adapts to new priorities. It has been a hugely successful exercise for both our customers and internal sales teams”


Colin Jones, Marketing Director, Servomex